Ionode pH at a glance ...

Ionode pH sensors are made in Australia and will excel in the most common application types such as swimming pools, water treatment, education, mining, environmental, food, beverage, agriculture and many more. But it's the more challenging and contaminated applications where Ionode sensors have developed a true reputation for precision, long life and exceptional value for money … waste water, soil, meat, electro-plating and chemical processing to name just a few. Underpinning this reliability and performance is a proprietary method of automated glass blowing which provides precise, uniform glass membranes tough enough to withstand the 'drop-test' without sacrificing any speed or accuracy. To complete the value for money equation, Ionode's unique renewable junction in the IJ Series defeats pollutants by protecting the primary junction from contamination and providing an easily renewable secondary junction to extend the life of the sensor.

Ionode also have sensors which excel in environments such as immersion, submersion, high temperature, high pressure, solvents, chemicals and other challenging applications, so don't think that general purpose means average performance as our standard range features the toughest sensor we’ve ever made - the IJ-44.

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IJ Series
Best choice for difficult or contaminated samples
Suited to almost any application including food, beverage & penetration
Renewable intermediate junction
Premium performance
Super long life
Heavy-duty favourite
Multiple variants
IH Series
Recommended for routine measurements, hydroponics, pools, education etc.
Sealed gel: Single or double junction
Exceptional value
Long life
Used in hundreds of industries
Multiple variants

P Series
Best budget choice for routine laboratory measurements, education etc.
Single junction
Budget pricing
Robust and reliable
Free flowing junction

Pool and water treatment sensors

Australia’s largest pool sensor manufacturer
Multi parameter sensors
Direct replacement for competitor sensors
Custom built and white label options

IJ Series pH Sensors  Renewable Intermediate Junction

Developed to overcome and defeat contamination, Ionode’s flagship IJ Series works where other sensors simply do not. The preferred choice in food, dairy, beverage, waste water, industrial, mining, electro-platting, petro-chemical and dozens more challenging environments, the IJ Series redefines versatility and long life and is also the right choice for non-aqueous measurements and titrations. Featuring a renewable junction for easy maintenance, user selectable electrolyte and available with bulb, spear or flat membranes, the IJ Series is unequalled by any other sensor for performance, versatility and life span.

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reference electrode

IH Series pH Sensors  Sealed Gel/Double Junction

Ionode’s renowned IH Series provides outstanding performance and long life in both routine and difficult samples with moderate to high ionic strength. Used extensively in countless diverse industies such as aquaculture, hydroponics, pools and spas, water and waste water treatment, laboratory, environmental, education and more. Built tough to outperform and outlast.

Inline Sensors for Pool & Water Treatment  Combined Sensors/Screw-in/Integrated

Whether in swimming pools, process control or other inline applications, reliability is everything and Ionode’s reputation for robust and reliable sensors has been well documented since 1972. Ionode offers multi-parameter sensors with up to four parameters in one sensor, direct replacement models for other brands and a custom sensor service to build to your own specifications ... all with reliability beyond the norms of other manufacturers.

P Series pH Sensors  Single Junction/Refillable

Ionode’s P Series sensors are ideal for educational and laboratory applications where easy refilling and fast, accurate results are required.

The pH Range


Body Material

Measuring Range

Temp. Range

Sensor Type

Temperature Compensation

pH 0 - 14
0 - 60
A glass spear
IJ-44-HT-Spear PVDF (Kynar) pH 0 - 14 0 - 100 A glass spear Optional
IJ-40 Polypropylene pH 0 - 14 0 - 60 A glass bullet Optional
IJ-40-ALK Polypropylene pH 0 - 14 0 - 60 C Glass bullet Optional
IJ-40-HT-ALK PVDF (Kynar) pH 0 - 14 0 - 100 C Glass bullet Optional
pH 0 - 14
0 - 60
A glass flat
pH 0 - 14
0 - 60
A glass bulb
pH 0 - 14
0 - 60
A glass bulb
pH 0 - 14
0 - 60
C glass bulb